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I have melted handles on the BGE circular branding starter. I switched to a heat gun. One day I was distracted with guests inside the house and the plastic on the gun caught fire. It has melted some before but never caught fire. My entire lanai smelled of burned plastic. Even worse it penetrated my egg. I tried a high temp burn off which fried my gasket. I then disassembled my egg, put on a new gasket and I took a drill with a rotary wire brush and cleaned the entire inside of the egg. It looked great. I tried the Blazeball yesterday. I was skeptical that it would not get enough air. It started like a champ and quickly I had good "blu" smoke. However, my egg was permanently ruined by the burning plastic. I could still smell it. I opened everything up and was at 1000 degrees + to try to burn it off. I opened the egg this morning and the Blazaball survived the kiln! Looks great. Unfortunately, I have to ditch my egg because I got sidetracked that day. If I would have had a Blazaball instead of anything with plastic on it I would not be out $900+ dollars for a new egg. I wish I could post pics as I documented this entire journey. Don't make the same mistake I did

John S.


Wow this thing is amazing. Coals are an inferno in just a few minutes. Easiest starter I have ever used. Much better that electric wands

Clay W.


Smothering one's fire starter with charcoal is a constant concern. If you like to use fire starter tablets, this small cage will prevent charcoal piled on top from smothering the flame. It allows you to set the fire tablets at the bottom on your Kick Ash Basket, light the tablets, then pour your charcoal on top, without snuffing out your fire starter. This lights the charcoal at the bottom of the pile, producing a more efficient fire, burning from the bottom up. A useful piece of gear for starting your fire.

Philip R.


This is a godsend. I liked so much after one use I ordered another for the vacation home. Just put in starter of you choice and put into my Big Green Egg and light and pour lump over the top. Has plenty of air to burn. A plus


Amazing product

I used this for the first time this past weekend to light my large big green egg. It worked flawless! I've never had my egg light up so fast. If you are on the fence I say get it you will not regret it.

Shea M. (Wimauma, US)

fogo starter logs

awesome product my husband used one each time and they work great! Will for sure be buying these again

Jennifer B. (Dublin, US)

BlazaBall is the best accessory I have

I am so glad that I purchased a Blazaball. It’s an amazingly effective in lighting my charcoal. It does it quickly and lights the wholestack in my XL Big Green Egg. I’ve already had two friends buy it and would recommend it to anyone.

Craig G. (Atlanta, US)

It’s the best thing I’ve come across. Too easy. No more trying to light fires with difficulty.

Claude P.

Got the fire cranking with 4 fire lighters in 2 minutes with our new blazaball! Love it!!!

Bindi P.

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